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NERC Submits EOP Reliability Standards

On March 27, 2017, in Docket No. RM17-12-000, NERC submitted a petition for approval of proposed Emergency Operations (EOP) Reliability Standards EOP-004-4 (Event Reporting), EOP-005-3 (System Restoration from Blackstart Resources), EOP-006-3 (System Restoration Coordination), and EOP-008-2 (Loss of Control Center Functionality). The objectives of the proposed EOP Reliability Standards are (1) to provide accurate reporting of events to NERC’s Event Analysis group (EOP-004-4); (2) to delineate roles and responsibilities of entities that support System restoration from Blackstart Resources which generate power without the support of the grid (EOP- 005-3); (3) to clarify the procedures and coordination requirements for Reliability Coordinator personnel to execute System restoration processes (EOP-006-3); and, (4) to refine the required elements of an Operating Plan used to continue reliable operations of the BES in the event that primary control functionality is lost (EOP-008-2). NERC believes the proposed EOP Reliability Standards improve upon existing standards by enhancing the requirements for Emergency operations, including the communication and coordination amongst reporting entities.

To view NERC’s filing, click here.