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FERC Approves Reliability Standards PRC-021-1 and PER-006-1

On June 7, 2018, in Docket No. RM16-22-000, FERC issued a final rule approving Reliability Standards PRC-027-1 (Coordination of Protection Systems for Performance During Faults), PER-006-1 (Specific Training for Personnel), the retirement of currently-effective Reliability Standard PRC-001-1.1, the associated Violation Risk Factors and Violation Severity Levels, and the associated implementation plans. Reliability Standard PRC-027-1 is designed to maintain the coordination of protection systems installed to detect and isolate faults on bulk electric system elements. Reliability Standard PER-006-1 is intended to ensure that personnel are trained on specific topics essential to reliability to perform or support real-time operations of the bulk electric system. FERC refused to adopt the NOPR proposal directing NERC to modify Reliability Standard PRC-027-1 to require an initial protection system coordination study. Additionally, the Commission approved the associated violation risk factors, violation severity levels, and implementation plans. The Commission further approved the retirement of currently-effective Reliability Standard PRC-001-1.1(ii) (System Protection Coordination) as proposed by NERC. Finally, the Commission approved the following new and revised definitions submitted by NERC for incorporation in the NERC glossary: (1) “protection system coordination study;” (2) “operational planning analysis;” and (3) “real-time assessment.”

To view FERC’s order, click here.