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NERC Submits Proposed Reliability Standard PER-003-2

On July 23, 2018, in Docket No. RM18-8-000, FERC submitted a petition for approval of proposed Reliability Standard PER-003-2 (Operating Personnel Credentials) and retirement of currently-effective Reliability Standards PER-003-1 and PER-004-2. The purpose of proposed Reliability Standard PER-003-2 is to make sure certain System Operators are certified through the NERC System Operator Certification program when filing a Real-time operating position responsible for control of the Bulk Electric System (BES). NERC also proposes to implement the recommendation of the Enhanced Periodic Review of Personnel, Performance, Training, and Qualifications Standards Team in Project 2016-EPR-01 (“PER PRT”) to retire Reliability Standard PER-004-2. This Reliability Standard falls within Paragraph 81 Criterion B7, because its Requirements are redundant with Requirements in other FERCapproved Reliability Standards that are in effect or that will soon take effect.

To view FERC’s petition, click here.