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FERC Approves Retirement of VAR-002-WECC-2

On September 5, 2018, in Docket No. RD18-1-000, FERC issued a Letter Order approving the Joint Petition submitted by NERC and WECC requesting the retirement of regional Reliability Standard VAR-002-WECC-2 (Automatic Voltage Regulators) effective immediately. NERC and WECC requested approval of the retirement on March 7, 2018. NERC and WECC stated that VAR-002-WECC-2 is no longer necessary because reliability issues addressed in the regional Reliability Standard are adequately addressed by the continent-wide Voltage and Reactive (VAR) Reliability Standards and the retention of the regional Reliability Standard would not provide additional benefits for reliability.

To view FERC’s Letter Order, click here.