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FERC Issues Order No. 851 on Approving Proposed Reliability Standard TPL-007-2

On November 15, 2018, in Docket No. RM18-8-000 and RM15-11-003, FERC issued a final rule approving proposed Reliability Standard TPL-007-2 (Transmission System Planned Performance for Geomagnetic Disturbance Events) (GMD) and the revised GMD research work plan. TPL-007-2 improves upon Reliability Standard TPL-007-1 by better addressing risks posed by GMDs to the Bulk-Power System. In particular, this standard addresses potential impacts of locally-enhanced GMD events. TPL-007-2 is responsive to directives issued by FERC in Order No. 830. Specifically, Reliability Standard TPL-007-2 requires applicable entities to: (1) in addition to the benchmark GMD event requirements, conduct supplemental GMD vulnerability assessments and thermal impact assessments; (2) obtain GIC and magnetometer data; and (3) meet the Commission-directed deadlines for the development and completion of tasks in corrective action plans.

To view FERC’s final rule, click here.