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FERC Approves Retirement of Regional Reliability Standard IRO-006-TRE-1

On January 29, 2019, in Docket No. RD19-2-000, FERC issued a delegated letter order approving the joint petition submitted by NERC and Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. on December 14, 2018 for approval of the retirement of regional Reliability Standard IRO-006-TRE-1. The purpose of Regional Reliability Standard IRO-006-TRE-1 was to provide and execute transmission loading relief procedures that can be used to mitigate System Operating Limits (SOLs) or Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits (IROLs) exceedances for the purpose of maintaining reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”) region. NERC and Texas RE proposed retirement of this standard because, since its initial development, other continent-wide Reliability Standards have been developed that have made IRO-006-TRE-1 redundant and no longer necessary for reliability in the ERCOT Interconnection.

To view FERC’s letter order, click here.