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FERC Approves Amendments to Appendix 3A of NERC’s Standard Processes Manual

On March 1, 2019, in Docket No. RR19-2-000, FERC issued a delegated letter order approving NERC's November 19, 2018 filing of proposed amendments to Appendix 3A of the NERC Rules of Procedure, Standards Processes Manual. NERC proposed the following types of revisions: (1) improvements upon existing standard processes, including major revisions to the processes for field tests (Section 6.0) and posting of supporting technical documents (Section 11.0), and targeted revisions to the processes for appeals (Section 8.0) and Interpretations (Section 7.0), (2) revisions to clarify existing processes, including processes for standards balloting and responding to comments (Section 4.0), developing Variances (Section 9.0), and periodic reviews (Section 13.0), and (3) revisions to streamline language, correct capitalization or titles of documents, and make other necessary updates (Sections 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 10.0, 16.0).

To view FERC’s letter order, click here.