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NERC and Texas RE Submit Amendments to Texas RE Bylaws

On March 20, 2019, in Docket No. RR19-5-000, NERC and Texas Reliability Entity, Inc. (Texas RE) submitted a joint petition for approval of amendments to the Texas RE Bylaws. The amendments are being submitted to: (1) maintain consistency with the Texas Business Organizations Code (BOC); (2) clarify the qualifications for ex officio Directors on Texas RE’s Board of Directors (Board); (3) clarify the term that Affiliated and ex officio Directors on Texas RE’s Board can serve; (4) clarify the role of alternate representative for an ex officio Director; (5) allow the CEO of Texas RE to appoint an Independent Director to serve as his or her proxy; (6) clarify the process for filling vacant ex officio Director positions; (7) remove and/or revise obsolete, inconsistent, and outdated language; (8) align the Texas RE Bylaws with Texas RE’s current business practices; (9) clarify the process for waiving notice of meetings; (10) clarify the process for establishing quorum for meetings; (11) clarify the process for waiving notice of Board meeting adjournment; (12) require the Board to approve proposed alternate procedures for nominating and electing representatives of Texas RE’s Member Representatives Committee; (13) clarify the Board’s authority with respect to Texas RE’s committees and subcommittees; (14) amend the procedure for temporarily filling a vacant Independent Director position on Texas RE’s Director Compensation Committee; and (15) clarify and update the process for amending the Texas RE Bylaws.

To view the joint petition, click here.