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FERC Issues Order Accepting Revised CCC Charter

On November 19, 2020, in Docket No. RR20-4-000, FERC issued an order accepting NERC’s revised Compliance and Certification Committee (CCC) charter. This order related to a June 12, 2020 filing from NERC proposing to amend the following sections to its CCC charter: (1) Preface, (2) Mission, (3) CCC Functions, (4) Membership, (5) Meetings, (6) Officers and Executive Committee, (7) Nominating Subcommittee, (8) Subordinate Groups, (9) Meeting Procedures, and (10) Attachment A (CCC Membership Structure). Among other things, the proposed amendments clarify certain functions of the CCC, propose hybrid membership and additional membership criteria, redefine the term of membership, and clarify meeting procedures.

To view FERC’s order, click here.