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FERC Approves Reliability Standard PRC-006-5

On December 23, 2020, in Docket No. RD21-1-000, FERC issued a letter order approving proposed Reliability Standard PRC-006-5. PRC-006-5 includes revisions to the WECC regional Variance that clarify applicability of continent-wide requirements to entities in the Western Interconnection and clarify the applicability of the WECC regional Variance to Planning Coordinators. PRC-006-5 further promotes the coordinated planning and operation of the interconnected Bulk-Power System. The proposed revisions to the WECC regional Variance include: (1) clarifying that Requirements R14 and R15 of the continent-wide Reliability Standard do not apply to entities in the Western Interconnection; (2) clarifying that the use of “Planning Coordinator” in the WECC regional Variance is specific to those providing Planning Coordinator services to Registered Entities within the Western Interconnection; and (3) other non-substantive changes.

To view FERC’s order, click here.