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FERC Issues Order Approving Errata to Reliability Standard FAC-001-3

On February 19, 2021, in Docket No. RD21-3-000, FERC issued a letter order approving an errata to Reliability Standard FAC-001-3. NERC inadvertently filed a draft version of the Reliability Standard in its April 2016 petition, instead of the final version that was approved by NERC. The version filed in the April 2016 petition did not reflect certain non-substantive revisions in Requirement R3 Part 3.3 and Requirement R4 Part 4.3 that were made prior to the final ballot for the standard. The final language for these Requirement Parts was accurately reflected in the retirement-by-retirement justification for the standard contained in the main body of NERC’s petition. NERC filed the errata to address this issue.

To view the order, click here.