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Alabama Appellate Practice

Alabama Appellate Practice is 450-page book published by CLE Alabama that explains the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure, statutes, and case law necessary to present a matter to Alabama’s appellate courts for a decision on the merits. The book starts with preserving arguments for appeal, filing post-judgment motions, determining when a judgment is final, and identifying which interlocutory orders are subject to appellate review. The book then describes the intricacies of mandamus practice, and when, how, and where to file a notice of appeal. The rules for civil appeals, criminal appeals, and administrative appeals are explained. Also explained are how to organize and file briefs of the parties, amicus briefs, certiorari petitions, and petitions for rehearing. More than just a collection of quotations of the rules, Alabama Appellate Practice is designed to give the practitioner a head start on what he needs to actually and practically take an order or a final judgment from the trial court through the appellate court system. Much of the book comes from questions asked by real trial lawyers asking real questions about real cases.