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NERC Submits Cold Weather Reliability Standards and Request for Expedited Action

On June 17, 2021, NERC submitted a petition for approval of proposed Reliability Standards EOP-011-2 (Emergency Preparedness and Operations), IRO-010-4 (Reliability Coordinator Data Specification and Collection), and TOP-003-5 (Operational Reliability Data) (collectively, the “Cold Weather Reliability Standards”) and request for expedited action. The Cold Weather Reliability Standards are being proposed to reduce the risks posed by cold weather to the reliability of the Bulk-Power System (BPS). The proposed Cold Weather Reliability Standards would advance the reliability of the BPS by requiring generators to implement plans for cold weather preparedness. Additionally, the proposed Cold Weather Reliability Standards would enhance the ability of the Balancing Authority, Transmission Operator, and Reliability Coordinator to plan and operate the grid reliably during cold weather conditions by requiring the exchange of information related to the generator’s capability to operate. The proposed standards address recommendations arising from FERC and NERC Staff’s report on the causes of the January 17, 2018 cold weather event affecting the south central United States. Due to the increased risks posed by cold weather, NERC requests that FERC approve the standards on an expedited timeframe.

To view NERC’s petition, click here.