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NERC Proposes Modification to Reliability Standard CIP-014

On February 16, 2022, in Docket No. RD22-3-000, NERC submitted a petition for approval of modifications to the Compliance section of Reliability Standard CIP-014 and request for expedited action. CIP-014 addresses threats and vulnerabilities to the physical security of critical facilities on the Bulk Power System (BPS). The proposed modification removes the requirement that all evidence demonstrating compliance with the standard be retained at the Transmission Owner’s or Transmission Operator’s facility. NERC and the Regional Entities have determined that the provision is not necessary to protect the confidentiality of CIP-014 compliance evidence and creates unduly burdensome challenges to effective and efficient compliance monitoring of the standard. No changes to the mandatory and enforceable provisions of the CIP-014 standard are proposed. NERC requested that the Commission issue an order within 30 days.

To view NERC’s petition, click here.