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FERC Issues Notice Concerning December 30, 2009 NOPs

On January 29, 2010, FERC issued a notice stating that it would not further review, on its own motion, the following Notices of Penalty (NOPs):

(1) Docket No. NP10-21 regarding City of Cleveland, Department of Public Utilities;
(2) Docket No. NP10-22 regarding Entergy;
(3) Docket No. NP10-23 regarding Eugene Water & Electric Board;
(4) Docket No. NP10-24 regarding Fountain Valley Power, LLC;
(5) Docket No. NP10-26 regarding Avista Corporation;
(6) Docket No. NP10-27 regarding Alliant Energy-West;
(7) Docket No. NP10-28 regarding Southwestern Electric Coop., Inc.
(8) Docket No. NP10-29 regarding Sacramento Municipal Utility District;
(9) Docket No. NP10-30 regarding South Eastern Electric Development Corporation; and
(10) Docket No. NP10-31 regarding South Eastern Generating Corporation.

To view FERC's notice, click here.