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NERC Submits Response to FERC Order Initiating Review of Turlock NOP

On March 18, 2010, NERC and WECC jointly filed comments in Docket No. NP10-18 in response to FERC’s February 26, 2010, Order Initiating Review of the November 13, 2009 Notice of Penalty (NOP) (supplemented as of February 24, 2010) regarding Turlock Irrigation District (“Turlock”), in which the Commission seeks to determine whether violations of other Reliability Standards or facts not disclosed in the NOP may have contributed to Turlock’s loss of firm load on August 29, 2007. Specifically, the Commission requested comments on any facts, aggravating factors, or mitigating factors relevant to Turlock’s alleged violations and whether the proposed penalty amount is sufficient. To read NERC’s and WECC’s comments, click here.