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NERC and NPCC Submit Compliance Filing in Response to FERC Order Regarding Technical Committee Consultations

On June 30, 2010, NERC and NPCC submitted a compliance filing in Docket Nos. RR06-1-016, RR06-1-017, RR07-3-004, and RR07-3-005, responding to the December 19, 2008 Order directing NERC and NPCC to submit a filing regarding NPCC’s use of technical committee consultations. 

In its Order, FERC directed NPCC to clarify whether its proposed voting requirement “applies to the actions of the compliance committee as a hearing body or justify why it should not.” It also directed NPCC to amend its bylaws removing an ambiguity as to whether the compliance committee, when acting as the hearing body, will render its decisions by a majority of votes cast by a quorum.  FERC directed NERC and NPCC to amend its technical consultation process to state that the consultation process “is to be initiated only by compliance staff and that the process may not be used to determine appropriate proposals for penalties or sanctions for violations.  FERC also required, in lieu of NPCC’s currently provided quarterly reports on compliance committee reviews, that NERC and NPCC submit non-public reports 30 days after the end of each quarter, listing: the topic of each review, the start/end dates of each review, the reason for review, the participants, and the results of each review.  To read the compliance filing, click here.