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FERC Issues Order No. 729-B on Implementation Schedule for MOD Reliability Standards

On July 15, 2010, in Docket Nos. RM08-19-003 and RM05-5-019, FERC issued Order No. 729-B in order to grant rehearing of Order No. 729-A, in which the Commission, among other things, provided clarification regarding the implementation timeline for the six Modeling Data, and Analysis (MOD) Reliability Standards concerning the calculation of available transfer capability or available flowgate capability that the Commission approved in Order No. 729. Specifically, in Order No. 729-B the Commission determines that the implementation schedule for the MOD Reliability Standards should be keyed to the date of approval of such standards (as originally contemplated in Order No. 729) and not to Order No. 729’s Federal Register publication-date (as the Commission determined in Order No. 729-A). Accordingly, the Commission grants rehearing of Order No. 729-A and directs that the MOD Reliability Standards are to become effective as of the first day of the first quarter occurring 365 days after their approval by the Commission (i.e., April 1, 2011). In addition, the Commission revises the implementation deadline for compliance with the related North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) business practice standards incorporated by reference in Order No. 676-E, so that the deadlines for compliance with the requirements of Order Nos. 729 and 676-E remain consistent.  To view Order No. 729-B, click here.