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NERC Requests Industry Comment on Two Draft Compliance Application Notices (CANs)

On July 30, 2010, NERC issued two draft Compliance Application Notices (CANs) for industry comment.  The first CAN is regarding EOP-005-1 Requirement 7, which addresses evidentiary requirements for verification of restoration procedures by actual testing or simulation.  The second CAN is regarding CIP-004-2 Requirement 4.2 and CIP-004-3 Requirement 4.2, which address revocation of physical and electronic access to Critical Cyber Assets.  After review and consideration of filed comments, NERC intends to issue final CANs.

Comments are due August 16, 2010, and may be submitted via email to cancomments@nerc.net, including the CAN identification name in the subject line of the email. 

To view the CAN regarding EOP-005-1 R7, click here.

To view the CAN regarding CIP-004-2 R4.2 and CIP-004-3 R4.2, click here.