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NERC Submits Order No. 733 Compliance Filing Concerning PRC-023-1

On July 16, 2010, in Docket No. RM08-13, NERC submitted a compliance filing in response to FERC Order No. 733, in which the Commission approved Reliability Standard PRC-023-1, Transmission Relay Loadability and directed NERC to develop certain modifications to PRC-023-1. Additionally, Order No. 733 directed NERC to file a report no later than 120 days of the Order addressing the issue of protective relay operation due to stable power swings and to include an action plan and timeline that explains how and when NERC intends to address this issue through its Reliability Standards Development Process. To view NERC’s compliance filing responding to these directives and explaining its phased approach to addressing the specific directive to develop a new Reliability Standard to address stable power swings, click here.