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NERC Posts New Alternative Amendment to NERC Rules for Responding to FERC Standards Directives

On November 5, 2010, NERC posted for comment a new alternative amendment to its Rules of Procedure (Alternative C) for responding to the FERC March 18 Order on how NERC is to address FERC directives on standards revisions.  NERC had previously posted for comment two other alternatives -- Alternative A and Alternative B -- for modifying its Rules of Procedure.  The recently posted Alternative C combines certain elements of Alternatives A and B.  Comments on all three Alternatives are due to NERC on December 2, 2010.  The NERC Board of Trustees will consider the comments received on all three Alternatives to finalize NERC’s compliance filing with FERC by December 23, 2010. (Docket No. RR09-6)

To view Alternatives A and B, click here.

To view Alternative C, click here.