Join Balch & Bingham to "Race 4ACure"

Linn Park
Birmingham, Alabama


Online sign up is available for the Balch & Bingham 4ACURE 2007 Team.
Click here to sign up! 
Our Team name is "Balch & Bingham 4ACURE". 
1.  Click "Join a Team"
2.  Select "Balch & Bingham 4ACURE" from the dropdown menu at the bottom of that screen and click continue.
3.  Follow the directions.
If you cannot join us, either (1) please consider making a donation online or (2) if you are unable to join us because you will be out of town / have another commitment, but you still want a Komen shirt and Balch 4ACURE shirt, there is a new sign up option this year called:
"Sleep in for the Cure" This option denotes that you would like to register for the Race, but will not be able to attend the Race on October 13, 2007
To make a donation for the Balch & Bingham 4ACURE team, click here.