WEBINAR: OSHA’s Crackdown on COVID-19 - How to Keep Your Business Compliant


Webinar | Tuesday, April 13 | 12:00 PM (EST)

On March 12, OSHA announced a new national emphasis program (“NEP”) to identify and bring enforcement actions against employers who put their employees at serious risk for COVID-19 infections. As part of the NEP, OSHA will also prioritize investigations into allegations of retaliation against employees who complain about unsafe working conditions. Unlike OSHA’s prior NEPs, this NEP applies to all employers regardless of their industry or size.

Key Takeaways

  • OSHA’s new NEP and how it applies to your business
  • What OSHA expects employers to do to protect employees from COVID outbreaks in the workplace
  • OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements when an employee tests positive for COVID-19 because of a workplace exposure