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Patrick Krechowski Authors Chapter in American Bar Association Publication

Balch’s Patrick Krechowski, member of the Real Estate Practice and partner in the firm’s Jacksonville, FL office, recently authored a chapter in the book Ensuring an Informed Public published by the American Bar Association in August of 2021. 

The book discusses and analyzes the features, concepts and themes shared by state statutes, and explores some of the variation among jurisdictions in both the statutes and the case law. The publication also includes a breakdown of public records and open meetings requirements and a listing of statutes, constitutional provisions and explanatory guides for each state’s public records and open meetings laws.

Patrick’s contribution, Part II Open Meetings; Chapter 13 Open Meeting Exemptions: The What, When, Why, and How of Conducting Government Business in the Shade focuses on specific and enumerated exemptions from laws requiring that local governments conduct business in open and public meetings. The Chapter covers substantive, procedural and enforcement provisions of open meeting exemptions in multiple states throughout the U.S.

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in real estate, land use, environmental, governmental, administrative litigation, appeals and title insurance law. Patrick is Board Certified by The Florida Bar in City, County and Local Government Law. His practice focuses on all aspects of zoning and land use law, real estate due diligence, environmental permitting (including sovereign submerged lands and riparian rights), environmental remediation, water use permitting and planning, beach nourishment projects, coastal construction and due diligence before local governments and federal/state agencies, including associated administrative and civil litigation.