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Shalyn McKitt, Irving Jones and Demarcus McGee Shared Insights with Students at Tuskegee University’s Annual “Make A Difference Through Law Forum”

Shalyn McKitt and Irving Jones, attorneys in our Birmingham office and Demarcus McGee, attorney in our Jackson office spoke at Tuskegee University’s annual “Make A Difference Through Law Forum” on January 13, 2022. Our attorneys were thrilled to discuss key best practices for navigating law school. Demarcus, Irving and Shalyn also gave insight into their respective journeys to law school and the importance of increasing Black representation within the legal profession.  In particular, they expressed how affinity organizations like BLSA led to their success in law school and beyond. Tuskegee is a state-related institution of higher education serving a student body that is racially, economically and religiously diverse. 

Irving Jones is an experienced litigator whose practice includes environmental, commercial and employment litigation. He serves on behalf of a variety of corporations and utilities across the Southeast in both federal and state courts. Before becoming an attorney, he was a counter-intelligence agent with the National Security Agency.

Demarcus R. McGee's practice focuses on both general and commercial litigation for public and private entities. He assists clients involved in class action, personal injury product liability and environmental legal disputes. 

Shalyn S. McKitt is an experienced litigator with a diverse background representing clients in matters concerning health law, employment law, governmental affairs and administrative law and regulatory matters. As a previous litigator for a state government and the federal government, Shalyn gained extensive courtroom experience with complex healthcare issues and a deep understanding of the intricacies of litigation in federal and state courts. Immediately prior to joining Balch, Shalyn worked in-house as senior legal counsel for a health care technology company.