More About Electric Reliability

Balch & Bingham's Reliability Practice has advised clients on electric reliability matters for many years prior to the enactment of Section 215 of the Federal Power Act. We understand how electric utility operations intersect with the complicated array of NERC Reliability Standards, rules, and regulations.

The Reliability Practice has the in-depth knowledge and experience to address complex reliability compliance/enforcement matters, standards interpretation questions, registration issues, and the vast array of other reliability concerns facing electric utilities. We have assisted clients in preparing for audits and spot checks, in the filing of self-reports and mitigation plans, in the disposition of alleged violations and negotiation of settlement agreements, in addressing NERC or Regional Entity inquiries about system disturbances and events, and in responding to NERC alerts and other data requests. We have assisted clients in addressing these types of reliability issues in seven of the eight Regions.

Our attorneys remain closely involved in the development of reliability standards and NERC and Regional Entity governance and procedures. We have also worked with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to develop reliability training materials for EEI members and on other matters. We keep our clients informed of current electric reliability matters and maintain a website on current electric reliability law issues, located at