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FERC Submits Errata to Voltage and Reactive Control Reliability Standards

On September 26, 2017, in Docket No. RD17-7-000, FERC issued a letter order approving an errata to Reliability Standards VAR-001-4.1 (Voltage and Reactive Control), VAR-002-4 (Generator Operation for Maintaining Network Schedules), and regional Reliability Standard VAR-501-WECC-3 (Power System Stabilizer). The errata for VAR-001-4.1 and VAR-002-4 is approved to correct non-substantive grammar errors and to clarify particular language in the standard. In proposed Reliability Standard VAR-501-WECC-3.1, the term “Transmission Planner” is replaced by “Transmission Operator” in the violation severity level assignments.

To view FERC’s order, click here.