Webinar: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace - How employers should navigate evolving guidance and best practices



This 30 minute presentation will explain medical marijuana;  those who will be certified to prescribe or treat individuals with medical marijuana and for what conditions;  the dates by which the Mississippi Department of Health must adopt rules and regulations to implement the distribution, prescription and treatment of individuals prescribed medical marijuana;  the impact on employers, employees and others on employer’s premises; the impact on employer drug testing programs and restrictions on controlled substances use;  the impact on Mississippi drug testing law;  and handling marijuana impairment and addiction cases.

Key Takeaways 

  • Understand by whom and for what medical marijuana may be prescribed for your employees
  • Understand the limitations of traditional drug testing and the need for real time objective determination of impairment by supervisors and others trained to do so
  • Recognize that an employer’s duty to provide premises/a workplace free of recognized hazards to employees and others has not changed
  • Be prepared to deal with potential impairment and addiction situations in greater numbers than previously experienced