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Balch & Bingham Signs “It’s Time” Petition to Change Mississippi State Flag

Balch & Bingham signed a petition, on June 24, 2020, in support of the removal of a confederate symbol from the state flag in Mississippi. The campaign titled “It’s Time,” organized by the Mississippi Economic Council, calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the 1894 Mississippi state flag.

The Confederate Battle Flag has become a symbol of prejudice, hatred and divisiveness, and is offensive to many Americans. The inclusion of a confederate symbol in the Mississippi state flag is not only offensive to Mississippians; it is also not representative of the inclusive values of our firm, community or state. The Balch family supports the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the state flag and proudly joins with the Mississippi business community to make a united call for change.

Racism, in any form, is intolerable. As a firm, the Balch family is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Recent tragedies have emphasized the unacceptable racial inequalities that remain in our society. The removal of the confederate symbol from the Mississippi state flag is one step forward that our community can take to make lasting changes and move the state and country forward. 

As we continue on a path forward, Balch & Bingham remains committed to working together to take meaningful action and to effect lasting change in our firm, our communities and throughout this country.