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Pepper Crutcher Named Executive Committee Chairman of Federalist Society Labor & Employment Practice Group

Pepper Crutcher, partner in the firm’s Jackson office and member of the Labor & Employment Practice, was named the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Federalist Society Labor & Employment Law Practice Group on June 10, 2020. 
The Federalist Society was founded in 1986 as a forum to bring together attorneys, judges, business and policy leaders, and others interested in analyzing and improving the state of the law. The organization is dedicated to the discussion and debate of the most important issues and ideas of the legal profession.
The Federalist Society is comprised of 20 practice groups which are organized by substantive areas of law and are governed by Executive Committees. Practice group members dedicate time and efforts to organizing events, including Teleforum calls, in person networking, and the programming for the Federalist Society’s flagship event, the National Lawyers Convention. 
Pepper advises and advocates for a wide range of Southeast U.S. private sector employers, and helps employers, insurers, brokers, administrators and providers achieve ACA compliance and appeal ACA assessments. Labor negotiation and arbitration, OSHA, work site immigration enforcement, and intellectual property protection also are in Pepper's portfolio.