Religion and the Hospital in 2019

Andy, Dorman and Martha will discuss the questions below along with others to bring attendees up to date on developments in this rapidly changing area of the law. 

  • How do religious beliefs affect the operation of your hospital?
  • What duty do you have under Title VII to accommodate the religious beliefs and practices of your staff and employees – including work schedules and dress – and patients and the general public?
  • How does the Alabama constitution impose a much higher duty of accommodation on public hospitals?
  • What should you do when medically necessary treatment is refused by and adult, or for a child, because of religious beliefs? Can providers be required to provide services to which they object on religious ground?
  • Can they be required to provide services to persons whose lifestyle they oppose on religious grounds?
  • What is a “religious belief” as defined under the law? Does spirituality have a role in the operation of a hospital?