Josh Archer and Katherine Carey Offer Advice to Nonprofit Housing Assistance Programs

Josh Archer, Atlanta Office Managing Partner, and Katherine Carey, attorney in the firm’s Atlanta office, partnered with Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta and 3Keys, Inc. to present a webinar aimed at offering guidance to nonprofit organizations providing housing assistance.

During the program, recorded on March 21, 2024, Josh and Katherine discussed strategies and best practices to avoid eviction. 

Nonprofit organizations dedicated to offering housing assistance strive to create stable and supportive living environments for their participants. Nevertheless, there are instances where these organizations must grapple with difficult decisions regarding non-compliant participants. Josh and Katherine's presentation delved into strategies for nonprofits navigating such situations, safeguarding against liability, and maintaining their missions.

Key topics included establishing clear expectations with housing program participants early on, implementing proactive strategies to address issues before they escalate to eviction, and providing education on pertinent Georgia legal requirements, restrictions, and procedures for housing programs.

During their presentation, Josh and Katherine drew from previous experience helping nonprofits navigate challenging situations.  In 2023, they provided pro bono legal work for Hearts to Nourish Hope, a Georgia-based nonprofit dedicated to advancing opportunities for youth and young adults aged 16 to 24. Josh and Katherine helped the organization through a legal issue, successfully finding a resolution that gained judicial approval, aiding in the organization’s mission to house women and children escaping abusive situations. 

Josh is a partner in the firm’s Litigation Practice, representing business clients in cases proceeding in state and federal courts including commercial contractual disputes, personal injury, property damage, and product liability. Josh also represents clients before numerous regulatory bodies.

Katherine, an attorney in the firm’s Litigation Practice, focuses her practice on civil litigation, advising and representing clients in matters involving complex commercial litigation, property disputes, personal injury and wrongful death, and intellectual property.