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Our Approach

Construction liens (such as mechanic and materialmen liens) are highly technical and full of traps for the unwary. Balch helps clients navigate these issues, drawing on decades of experience representing contractors, subcontractors, developers, suppliers, lenders, and landlords on projects ranging from single family homes to multi-billion dollar commercial and industrial developments.  

Balch helps clients protect and enforce their rights to payment. Our attorneys regularly prepare, file, and foreclose construction liens. We also advise clients in pursuing claims under payment and performance bonds (including bonds required under the Miller Act or Little Miller Act for government projects).  When litigation is required, our attorneys bring decades of experience resolving commercial and construction disputes in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts.  

Balch also represents clients in defending against construction liens. Our attorneys frequently advise lenders, property owners, mortgage servicers, and title companies in contesting lien claims, establishing priority, and clearing title to real estate.  

Our broad experience in construction, collections, lending, and real estate helps us guide clients through the intricacies of lien and bond claims. We approach these claims with a business perspective, helping clients achieve their goals by the most efficient means possible. 


Our Clients

We represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, property owners, developers, and title insurance companies in matters across the Southeast and beyond.


Our Experience 

Filing and Enforcing Liens: We help companies that supply materials and services prepare, file, and enforce liens. We also represent these companies in resolving collection matters, both in and out of court. 

Defending Against Liens: We represent lenders, property owners, developers, and title insurance companies in contesting liens and clearing title to property. 

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