More About Healthcare Litigation

In order to help guide our clients through the increasingly complicated maze of American healthcare in the most effective fashion, the Health Law Practice incorporates attorneys from each of the firm’s offices and practice sections. These attorneys have the skills and experience to advise diverse types of healthcare clients with respect to a wide variety of legal, regulatory and reimbursement issues. 


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Representation of Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities & Chains

  • Serving as Counsel for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabilitation  Facilities, Home Health Agencies and Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Representing Buyers or Sellers in Acquisitions
  • Obtaining Licenses and Certifications
  • Assisting with Cost Report Appeals and Payment Denials
  • Advising Entities on Strategic Alternatives
  • Representation of Individual & Group Medical & Dental Practices
  • Drafting Corporate Documents
  • Negotiating Employment Agreements
  • Obtaining Medicare/Medicaid Certification
  • Drafting Authorizations or Consents
  • Physician Employment & Staff Privileges
  • Drafting and Revising Medical Staff Bylaws
  • Negotiating Employment Contracts
  • Designing or Modifying Physician Impairment programs
  • Advising Management on General Labor & Employment issues
  • Creating Union Avoidance Programs
  • Assisting Healthcare Clients with FMLA, FLSA, Employment Discrimination and Constitutional Rights matters 

Certificates of Need

  • Preparing Applications for Certificates of Need
  • Opposing Applications for Unnecessary Facilities
  • Monitoring Regulatory Developments

Healthcare Compliance Plans & HIPAA

  • Implementing Compliance Plans
  • Designing HIPAA Implementation Guidelines
  • Drafting or Revising Policies and Procedures
  • Conducting Compliance Audits and Investigations

Representation of Preferred Provider & Managed Care Organizations

  •  Drafting Agreements with Providers
  • Assisting with Provider Appeals
  • Defending Appropriate Claims Denials

Financing of Healthcare Facilities

  • Serving as Bond Counsel for both taxable and nontaxable issues
  • Negotiating Loan Agreements for facilities, lenders and physicians
  • Drafting or Reviewing Leases for facilities or equipment
  • Establishing Professional or Medical Office agreements among physicians

Healthcare Regulatory Work

  • Designing Stark-Compliant Transactions
  • Advising Clients on Fraud & Abuse Compliance
  • Obtaining Medicare & Medicaid Certification

Legislative & Lobbying Experience

  • Drafting Healthcare Legislation
  • Opposing or Supporting Pending Bills
  • Assisting Facilities and Physicians with Administrative Appeals
  • Health Care Taxation
  • Advising Entities on the Maintenance of their Tax Exempt Status
  • Structuring Joint Venture Participation
  • Creating and Modifying Corporate Structures to Minimize Taxation

Healthcare Antitrust

  • Creating "Messenger Model" IPA's 
  • Advising Clients on Mergers and Consolidations
  • Drafting Contractual Agreements
  • Asserting Immunity