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Our Approach

With a deeply experienced team in varied fields, mineral owners, utilities, companies, state agencies or exploration companies rely on Balch for guidance and assistance to understand issues, negotiating, lending and development on a broad range of mineral issues.

Our attorneys regularly provide support in landowner and industry representation on all aspects of hard mineral matters and oil and gas, including leasing, conveyances of royalty or mineral rights, related lending issues, environmental and permitting issues, lease plays, abstracting, rendering preliminary and final mineral title opinions. Balch represents clients from an ownership perspective and also exploration companies and entities.

We routinely explain and assist in negotiations with hard mineral or oil and gas matters, including matters involved with coal and lignite mining, oil and gas drilling, secondary recovery issues, field wide unitization, hydraulic fracking, horizontal drilling and carbon sequestration (carbon safe).

Balch provides expertise on leasehold acreage, lease matters, fee simple acquisitions, permitting, environmental, abstracting and mineral title opinions to support a mining contractor for a major utility end user.

We provides a depth of expertise on explaining and assisting in negotiations on hard minerals, such as sand, clay, gravel, coal, lignite, graphite and other such minerals, for the individual or corporate owner, industry, or exploration company.


Our Clients

Our mineral and environmental teams serve clients throughout the Southeast.  Our clients include individual and corporate owners, exploration companies, utilities, state agencies, lenders and investors.


Our Experience

Negotiation and Negotiation Support: Balch works with individual and corporate clients to explain complex mineral issues to assist in the understanding of mineral ownership, the negotiation of various hard mineral or oil and gas leases, acquisitions, lending or development of resources.

Lease Play and Assessment:  We work with individual and corporate clients to assess and negotiate specific mineral issues and related deals to further industry development of natural resources.

Development and Finance: Balch has a wide-range of experience in all aspects of lending, including lending issues related to mining, natural resources and oil and  gas.

Land Use and Permitting: We work with clients in various land regulatory matters before various local, state and federal agencies.

Environmental: Balch has deep experience workings with individuals, companies and utilities on various environmental issues, permitting and litigation.

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