Susan B. Livingston Boot Camp for Success 2024


On June 6-7, 2024, Balch & Bingham is hosting our annual Susan B. Livingston Boot Camp for Success to equip incoming law students with the necessary tools to succeed in law school and throughout their professional careers. The program focuses on attracting promising students to the legal profession from groups historically underrepresented and from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as students facing other significant barriers while entering the legal profession.

During this in-person, two-day program, students will gain a better sense of the law school classroom experience, receive practical tips and advice from judges, in-house counsel and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, network with Balch attorneys and learn tips to enhance their academic and professional success while maximizing law school opportunities. 


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The Boot Camp is limited to approximately 40 students. All prospective and incoming first-year law students are eligible to apply. Students selected to the program will be able to participate in the Boot Camp free of charge, but are required to attend both days in their entirety. Boot Camp is held in Birmingham, Alabama. A stipend is available to help offset travel and accommodations for students who are joining us from out of state.  

Many students who participate in the program go on to credit Boot Camp for Success as a driving factor behind their achievements during law school and as a young professional.  


I would wholeheartedly recommend this program! It really made such a difference in my confidence ahead of walking into the first day of class.

- 2023 Boot Camp Alumni 


Hearing their perspectives and seeing that it's doable, that those who have come before me have done it, was additional comfort across the entire experience.

- 2023 Boot Camp Alumni 




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