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Leonard Tillman Details the Concept of Smart Building with Modern Equipment Manufacturer

Leonard Tillman, partner in the Birmingham office and member of the Energy Practice, shares his knowledge of and perspectives on smart buildings with Modern Equipment Manufacturer in an interview entitled, “The advent of the smart building and the technologies making it possible.” In the February 27, 2020 article, Leonard explains what constitutes making a building “smart,” as well as some of the energy and environmental benefits of a smart building. He notes today’s advancements in technology, relating to connected systems and devices, which are necessary components of a smart building. These technologies are ever-advancing and allow the industry to remain on the cutting edge in seeking a smarter, more connected future. 

At Balch, Leonard provides counsel on utility regulatory policy matters, particularly new smart energy policies and related market developments. Leonard is a member of The GridWise® Architecture Council. The Council was formed by the U.S. Department of Energy to promote and help enable interoperability among the many entities that interact with the nation's electric power system.

In January of 2020, Leonard was re-elected as a member of the GridWise® Architecture Council.