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Our team consists of experienced business minded attorneys, including team members with financial and business backgrounds. We have several attorneys who have served as general counsel for financial institutions and other corporations and are uniquely positioned to understand client needs. We provide creative solutions that are cost efficient and timely. Our multidisciplinary team has not only the technical knowledge, but the market experience that our clients desire. We have experience with industry leaders, investment bankers, institutional investors and other key service providers.  Our team has experience efficiently structuring and handling a multitude of transactions. Balch has familiarity with all state and federal guidelines and regulations which bolsters our ability to  construct efficient vendor management assessment programs.




Our attorneys work with clients facing heightened regulatory scrutiny in today’s environment. We regularly meet with executive management teams and board of directors on strategic planning and corporate investigations. We also assist clients seeking to be at the forefront of industry developments. Balch assists various community, regional, national and international banks, as well as non-bank clients in managing complex and multi-faceted relationships with their service providers. We regularly work with clients to review internal vendor management policies and procedures for regulatory compliance and to minimize risk.  



Our attorneys work within institutions as well as with outside consultants to develop compliance programs. Our team assists clients in responding to inquiries and examinations from state and federal banking regulators.

We have developed operation policies and programs for internal and outsourcing functions that comply with applicable state and federal laws for numerous banks and financial institutions. Our legal team has worked with financial services clients for over 25 years in developing and implementing vendor management programs

Our team is frequently in the forefront of drafting and reviewing vendor contracts for various financial institutions and corporations. We address problems that include modifying the terms of agreements, terminations of agreements, or litigation when necessary. 

Balch has unparalleled knowledge and experience of the financial services industries.  Our attorneys have conducted internal investigations and participated in the drafting, review, and negotiation of hundreds of vendor agreements.  

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