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Our Approach

Throughout the Southeast and beyond, commercial landlords and tenants turn to Balch when lease disputes arise. With attorneys practicing in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, our firm is uniquely positioned to represent national and regional landlords and tenants in the enforcement of all of their leases which allows clients to avoid the necessity of engaging multiple law firms to handle their landlord-tenant matters.

We represent commercial landlords and property managers in the enforcement of leases involving properties used for a variety of purposes. Such representation frequently includes the eviction of defaulted tenants and the collection of unpaid rent from tenants and lease guarantors. It also includes representing landlords when materialmen and mechanics seek to enforce liens on property as a result of tenants failing to pay for improvements.

Our work is not limited to just rent disputes though. We also represent landlords when tenants allege that the landlord has failed to comply with the lease.  

Our practice includes the representation of commercial landlords, multi-housing residential landlords, and property managers in drafting form leases and related documents. Balch also represents commercial tenants in enforcing landlord obligations under leases.



Our Clients

We represent commercial landlords and property managers in the enforcement of leases involving a variety of properties—including retail, office, food service, medical, and other uses.  This representation includes preparing short-term leases and licenses for “pop-up” shops.

We also represent multi-housing residential landlords and property managers in the drafting of form leases.  


Our Experience

Tenant Defaults: Balch routinely represents commercial landlords in the enforcement of leases and guaranties after an event of default occurs by the tenant. This representation includes not only eviction actions to obtain possession of the premises, but also legal action to recover past due and future rents from the tenant and any lease guarantors.

Bankruptcies: A powerful tool in bankruptcy is the ability to assume or reject unexpired leases. Our team counsels both landlords and tenants when the counter-party to their lease files bankruptcy, regardless of whether the decision is to assume or reject the lease.

Landlord Defaults: Our expertise is not limited to representing only landlords in the enforcement of leases. We also represent tenants when a landlord breaches the terms of a lease.

Personal Injury Defense: The firm represents landlords when tenants or their invitees allege personal injury on the premises. For example, the firm has represented a commercial landlord when its tenant alleged personal injuries as a result of mold allegedly existing at the premises. 

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