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Russ Campbell and Patrick Strong have built Balch Sports into a nationally recognized brand in the coaching industry.

With more than 30 years of combined experience representing coaches, our team offers a customized, unique approach to the business with a specific focus on job placement, contract negotiation and career management.

Legal training, personal experience, market knowledge and deep industry relationships distinguish us from traditional “agents” and better position us to serve our clients. It’s a personal business and our team is strategically designed to facilitate complete trust and confidence while helping you navigate your career.

Russ and Patrick have negotiated more than $500 million in coaching contracts since 2007, including over $325 million in the past 3 years. They have prepared clients for more than 150 interviews across the country, navigating searches and negotiated deals in the NFL, all Power 5 conferences as well as all Group of 5 conferences. Balch Sports has the experience, market knowledge and relationships, from athletic directors to search firms and other decision-makers, to both protect and advance your career.  


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What your colleagues are saying about Balch Sports

"An incredible resource for my family, part of our team and so much more than just 'agents' ."

KATE DYKES, wife of SMU Head Football Coach SONNY DYKES


"Quality people, quality representation."

LARRY FEDORA, UNC Head Football Coach


"Well Connected and very respected, an important asset for me and my family."

BRYAN HARSIN, Boise State Head Football Coach


"They know the search process and market, period, always prepared and very thorough."

SETH LITTRELL, North Texas Head Football Coach


"Patrick and Russ are the best at what they do – always available and their market knowledge is second to none.  I feel more like family than I do a client!"

CLIFF GODWIN, ECU Head Baseball Coach


"Men of the highest integrity who understand the business of coaching (on and off the field), very important to me and my family."

BUTCH THOMPSON, Auburn Head Baseball Coach


  Always accessible, know how to get the job done and get it done right.”

RAY TANNER, South Carolina Athletic Director

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