More About Balch Sports Agents & Attorneys

Balch Sports Agents & Attorneys, led by Russ Campbell and Patrick Strong, is one of the leading coaching agencies in the country. We go beyond the work of typical agents, not only working to  procure and negotiate coaching contracts but also building meaningful relationships with clients and industry decision-makers alike. We help coaching professionals build, grow and protect their careers. We pride ourselves on elite service, professionalism, accessibility, and honesty in our partnerships with coaches and their families.

We’re more than just agents, we’re licensed attorneys operating within a corporate law firm, with more than 200 attorneys serving clients nationwide. As a client, you gain access to the Firm’s resources without losing the personal touch of dealing with someone you know.  

We represent many widely-recognized and emerging coaches across football, baseball and basketball. Universities and professional organizations have someone constantly looking out for them. We want to look out for you and your family.

Experience Highlights

  • Industry Knowledge - We have more than 45 years of combined experience representing coaches in football, baseball, and basketball organizations.
  • Coaching Interviews - We’ve prepared our clients for more than 225 interviews – each with a customized plan and strategy.
  • Negotiating - We’ve negotiated more than $1 billion in coaching contracts and maintain a proprietary system of market data that keeps us a step ahead in what are often fast-paced negotiations. Information is power and every contract could be your last contract – it’s imperative to maximize your value.
  • Crisis management/Public Relations - Sports are highly visible and things happen that require a strategic public relations approach. Our experience handling difficult situations while balancing the public optics has been built and tested over time – decades to be precise. Whether the issue is large or small, internal or external, we assist our clients with the proper strategy and messaging.

Our Results

We’re not just staying on top of the market, we’re setting the market with:

  • Record-setting contracts in Power 5 and Group of 5 Conferences as well as the NFL.
  • Largest head coaching contract in college football history (twice).
  • Represent the highest paid coach in college football.
  • Largest head coaching contract for 1st-time Power 5 head coach.
  • Largest head coaching contract for 1st-time Group of 5 head coach.
  • Largest head coaching contract for 1st-time NFL head coach
  • Largest coordinator contract in college football history (twice).
  • 2nd largest head coaching contract in college baseball history.

Our Core Capabilities

  • Development & Placement
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Career Management
  • Press/Public Relation
  • NCAA Compliance & Internal Investigation Support
  • Estate Planning & Other Traditional Legal Matters

A Customized Approach Built on Values 

You aren’t just a number. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in what some wrongly view as a plug and play industry. Coaches aren’t commodities and no two are the same.  We build very personal relationships and implement customized strategies around your unique career goals and aspirations.

We aren’t chasing numbers – either number of clients or number of deals.

This is not a transactional, revenue-focused practice. We’re in the people business where relationships matter – everything flows from there.  

We do not believe in a slash and burn approach.

We understand the balance between maximizing your value while also preserving your relationship with your employer.  We’re proud of the countless, positive relationships we maintain with search firms, athletic directors, administrators, front office executives, and other influential decision-makers. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations or hard-nosed negotiations. Handled the right way, relationships can be preserved while also achieving your positional and financial goals.

Our clients and their families are our focus.

We invest in the careers and personal lives of our clients, serving as a strategic partner through the ups and downs of whatever life presents.  Representation means more than just a contract. 

We believe being someone’s “representative” means something larger. 

Who you align yourself with says something about you – the same goes for us.

What Our Clients Say

 “An important part of Team Swinney – personally and professionally, trusted and valuable resources for our family.” - Kathleen Swinney, wife of Clemson Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney


“More than just agents, they are a trusted part of my team. I value their guidance and direction on so many fronts.” - Dave Aranda, Baylor Head Football Coach


“There’s a real relationship that’s been forged over nearly 15 years together. They are invested in me and my family and that means something in this business.” - Neal Brown, West Virginia Head Football Coach


“They are the best at what they do – always available and their market knowledge is second to none.  I feel more like family than a client.” - Cliff Godwin, ECU Head Baseball Coach


“Men of the highest integrity who understand the business of coaching (on and off the field), an important asset for me and my family.” - Butch Thompson, Auburn Head Baseball Coach


“First class in everything they do, Kayleigh and I value their guidance on so many fronts. One of the best decisions of my professional career.” - Rob Vaughn, Alabama Head Baseball Coach


“Always accessible, know how to get the job done and get it done right. I’m proud to have been their first baseball coaching client.” - Ray Tanner, South Carolina Athletic Director (former Head Baseball Coach) 


“Our values are aligned which is important to me in having representation.  Expect transparent communication and tireless effort.” - Tom Allen, Penn State Defensive Coordinator


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