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Balch & Bingham LLP is pleased to announce that Richard E. Glaze Jr., partner in the firm’s Atlanta office, co-authored the recently released Practicing Law Institute EPA Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015.

The book is designed to help firms and individuals comply with the extensive array of federal environmental laws and regulations and deal effectively with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by providing an overview of the main federal environmental laws and analysis of the practical aspects of compliance and enforcement, all in a simple question-and-answer format.

“Rich has extensive knowledge and experience navigating the EPA, and this book will serve as an essential resource to fellow lawyers,” said Alan T. Rogers, managing partner. “We are proud to have a dedicated team of lawyers who share their knowledge to benefit the legal profession and applaud Rich on his achievement.”

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Major Federal Environmental Laws
  • EPA-State Enforcement Framework
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Enforcement Priorities
  • Inspections and Information Gathering
  • Criminal Enforcement
  • Administrative Enforcement
  • Civil Judicial Enforcement
  • Imminent and Substantial Endangerment Authority
  • Civil Penalties
  • Defenses to Enforcement
  • Compliance Programs and Incentives
  • Citizen Suits

Practicing Law Institute EPA Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015 is the second edition of the book which was first released in 2013. To purchase a copy, please visit www.pli.edu.  

Mr. Glaze is a member of the firm's Environmental and Natural Resources Section and the Environmental Litigation Practice Group. Mr. Glaze has been practicing environmental law for 27 years and his practice includes permitting, regulatory compliance and enforcement defense for civil and criminal matters involving federal and state environmental laws. His clients include transportation companies, waste management companies, manufacturers, governmental entities and small business owners. Mr. Glaze served as an associate regional counsel and senior attorney at the EPA, Region 4, where he was one of two attorneys assigned to handle criminal investigations and enforcement. While at the EPA, he also served as special assistant U.S. attorney in five Southeastern states.