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Balch Commemorates Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, which is celebrated in the U.S. throughout March, Balch & Bingham’s Women’s Initiative highlighted several Balch female attorneys and members of its leadership team to honor the meaningful contributions women have made and will continue to make to our society. 

The women of Balch reflected on what Women’s History Month means to them personally, the ways in which Balch has supported them and the historic contributions that successfully paved the way for females in the legal industry: 

“I have been so fortunate to know and work with some of the real trailblazers in this firm. Susan Livingston was one of the first female Partners at Balch and she was an incredible mentor to all of the women in the firm. She always strived to make their career paths smoother. I have seen so many of the women in this firm continue to pay it forward with that encouraging and mentoring spirit.”- Nora Chandler, Director of Client and Community Engagement.

“Practicing for almost 20 years at Balch, I have seen, with the support and mentoring of my colleagues, both male and female, that I can have a sophisticated, fulfilling practice, provide leadership to our firm as an Office Managing Partner, be an engaged single mom to two active, precious children, Mattie and James Spencer, and now, hopefully, demonstrate for other lawyers that they can forge a similar path.” - Tara Ellis, Office Managing Partner, Jackson

“One of the reasons I came to Balch almost 9 years ago was because of the strong female leadership. This showed me Balch was willing to support its female attorneys throughout their careers. And that has proven true. Attorneys at Balch have given me opportunities, both with clients and within the firm, at every step of my career. I’ve always felt complete support.” - Brooke Gram, Litigation Partner

“As the Director of Human Resources I have the privilege of working with women at all levels of the firm. It is an honor to work beside such talented women who are experts in their role. I am proud to work at Balch where women are supported, mentored, and recognized for their contributions.” - Robin Haynes, Director of Human Resources 

“Women have fought for generations for progress and have advocated to improve the lives of women that come after them; and have done so by taking great risks. Today is no different. Women continue to advocate for change in the legal profession, while effectively advocating for their clients. As a “seasoned” female lawyer, I believe I have a duty to help mentor and lift up other female lawyers. Anyone who has succeeded in a legal career, has surrounded themselves with mentors who believe in them and will champion them throughout their careers. I am particularly proud of Balch and its support of our Women’s Initiative, in that it gives all of our women an opportunity to lead, connect and grow.” - Debra Lewis, Banking & Financial Services Partner

"Women’s History Month is a time to not only celebrate the contributions of the women that came before us but also the “sheroes” among us in the legal field that impact our everyday life"Angela Luckett, Energy Partner 

"Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women throughout the years to our culture and society. I am particularly grateful for the trailblazing women who came before me and helped navigate the path to success for women in the legal industry."Mary Samuels, Environmental and Natural Resources Partner  

“As a third generation female attorney, I believe my grandmother is looking down and smiling at the progress made by females since graduating from law school in 1933. Women’s History Month provides me with an opportunity to reflect on her legacy. I think she would be proud of her granddaughter and the work that she has accomplished in mentoring female attorneys with the support of Balch and Bingham.” - Martha Thompson, Litigation Partner

"The number of women practicing law is steadily rising because differing perspectives strengthen the team. As a woman, I’m proud to see these changes both at Balch and within the corporations that we serve.”- Anne Kaufold-Wiggins, Litigation Partner

"Women’s History Month is a time to reflect and celebrate the women throughout history who paved the way for women to hold the roles we hold today. Without these tenacious women, many of us would not be where we are now." - April Wise, Corporate Partner 

"Women’s History Month is a time to be inspired by the courage and strength of women who united to make society better for future generations. As women in the legal industry it is our responsibility to build on their progress and never stop advocating for diversity, equality, and change. May we continue to leave lasting legacies to encourage the next generation of female attorneys."Christina Nuñez, Corporate Attorney

"To me, being a female lawyer comes with great responsibility. In a field that traditionally has been male-dominated, it is important prioritize mentorship among female lawyers to ensure women know they can maintain successful careers in the law and so that we continue to grow our representation and voice within the profession." - Sloane Phillips, Litigation Attorney

"So many women in the legal field helped pave the way for my generation to succeed, and I hope to be part of an effort to create even more opportunities and support for women in future generations. It is rewarding to work at a firm that invests in its young lawyers, and I appreciate that Balch provides a supportive environment for women in the law."Susan Stutts, Environmental & Natural Resources Attorney 

“The Balch Women’s Initiative has provided me with the relationships and resources I need to succeed. I am thankful to be a part of a firm that continuously supports and celebrates its female lawyers.” - Madison Tucker, Litigation Attorney

In addition, in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022, Balch’s Women’s Initiative kicked off its PPE donation drive in support of YWCA of Central Alabama, an organization with a mission to “eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen communities."

Women’s History Month is dedicated to commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.

Balch's Women’s Initiative Program supports female lawyers and recruits through cross-office friendship, mentorship, and sponsorship. Women's Initiative addresses the challenges facing women in the workforce and commits to helping women achieve the many versions of success.

“In keeping with our commitment to help women achieve success, Balch’s Women’s Initiative is celebrating Women’s History Month through reflection, fellowship, mentorship and acts of service.” said Mary Samuels, chair, Balch & Bingham Women’s Initiative.